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Personalised Wood Bracelet

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Personalised Wood Bracelet

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Antique Silver Lobster Clasp 5x10mm Pk5
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Information about project:

Personalised Wood Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


 Learn how to a personalised wood bracelet by mixing shrink plastic with wood beads. Please note: you will also need a hole punch to complete this project.

Step 1

How to make the letters
Draw or Trace your letters on to the shrink plastic


Step 2

Cut the letters out and hole punch where you want the jumpring to be.

Step 3

Pop in the oven and shrink

Please see manufacturer’s guidelines for more details about shrinking plastic

Step 4

How to make the bracelet:

Cut approx.20cm (8inches) of wire,


Step 5

Thread wire through jumpring and crimp,

Step 6

String the beads in the following order:  Greywood saucer, metal bead, Greywood saucer, Rosewood round, Greywood saucer, Metal bead, Grewood saucer, Rosewood round,

Step 7

Continue to string the beads in that order until you have got to the end of the bracelet,


Step 8

Finish off bracelet with a crimp and attach the jumpring and lobster clasp,


Step 9

Add all the shrink plastic letters to the bracelet with jumprings.