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Persian Dragon Necklace

Persian Dragon Necklace

Persian Dragon Necklace

Designed by:

Difficulty: Intermediate

Rating: 4 Stars


You will also need a kumihimo braiding disk, bobbins, needle and thread.

Please note: The measurements and bead count will produce a necklace approx. 16” long, although the tension on the braid may cause this to vary. For a longer necklace, increase the number of beads.

Step 1

STEP 1: Set up your kumihimo board with 4 strands of brown s-lon and 4 strands of peach s-lon from the warm neutrals s-lon pack. Each individual thread should measure approx. 3 times the length you’d like your completed necklace. The picture shows where to place your threads.

Step 2

STEP 2: Thread approx. 110 of the antique metallic black seed beads on to the 4 strands of brown s-lon and then wind each strand into a bobbin. Thread another 110 of the silver lined topaz seed beads on to 2 of the peach s-lon strands that sit diagonally opposite each other and wind into bobbins.

Step 3

STEP 3:  Thread 110 silver lined frost smoked topaz seed beads on to one of the remaining strands of s-lon. On the last strand thread 45 frost smoked topaz seed beads, 20 spike beads and 45 more smoke topaz frost seed beads.

Step 4

STEP 4: Create a few cms of braiding using the traditional 8-strand kumihimo technique and don't add any beads. When you have braided a few cms, start adding the seed beads every time you work with a strand. Bring the bead as far as it can go down the thread you are working on. If you bring it as far as you can you should find it sits underneath one of the s-lon threads.

Step 5

STEP 5: Continue adding beads until you have reached the spike beads. Keep going in the same way, adding the spike beads when you work with their strand. Make sure the thread is pulled tight so the spike bead sits against the braid.

Step 6

STEP 6: Keep braiding with beads until you run out of beads, and then braid a few more cms without beads. Secure the ends of your braid and cut off, leaving your few cms of s-lon braiding to insert into the end caps. Now glue each end into the end caps - as they are 6mm you will need to use plenty of glue, push in firmly and hold. You could use 3mm end caps to fit the s-lon but I chose to use 6mm as it balances well with the final size of the braid including the seed beads. Attach the toggle clasp using jump rings.

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