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Perfect Peyote Bracelet p.32

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Perfect Peyote Bracelet p.32

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Perfect Peyote Bracelet p.32

Difficulty: Expert


The Pefect Peyote Bracelet design is a great way to learn peyote stitch. As this design was created some time ago we sadly no longer stock all the products to create our design, but some alternative seed beads have been provided in the materials list. You could also choose completely different colours of size 11 seed beads and create this bracelet in the same way. 

Step 1

Using size 11 seed beads in a variety of colours, make a base row of peyote stitch as long as your wrist. Continue in peyote stitch for 8 rows.

Step 2

On the next row, add 2 seed beads instead of 1 to start the ruffle.

Step 3

For the next 2 rows, work in normal peyote stitch again. This time, use only one colour of seed beads to create the single colour edging.

Step 4

When finished, take your thread down to one end of the bracelet. Make a loop using seed beads and thread, this will form the loop of your toggle clasp. Thread through it a few times to strengthen the loop.

Step 5

If you have plenty of thread left, weave it through to the other side of the bracelet. If not, add a new piece of thread. Make a toggle bar by threading seed beads on to an eyepin and making an eye on the other end. Add a few seed beads to the end of the bracelet then attach the toggle bar to finish.