Intructions on how to make Pearlfect, a leather bracelet featuring a swarovski pearl |

Pearlfect Bracelet

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Pearlfect Bracelet

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Natural Round Leather 2mm Cord 5metre Reel
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X- Gunmetal 5mm Barrel Magnetic Clasp Pk1
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Information about project:

Pearlfect Bracelet


What you will need:

1x Gunmetal Magnetic Clasp [F790]
1x  Head Pin 2" [SS18]
1x 2mm Brown/Red Leather [TC516]
1x 2mm Natural Leather [TC517]
1x Swarovski 14mm Pearl [HH205]

Step 1 Take a headpin and cut the flat piece off the end. Place the cut headpin into the pearl and make a loop at each end.
Step 2  Cut about a 20cm piece of each colour leather and loop it through the headpin loop till half way (so it looks like 4 strings of leather on one side). Tie a knot with all four bits over the headpin loop to hide it.

Step 3 Repeat step 2 again on the other side, place the clasp on the ends to check the size (you may need to trim some off).
Step 4 Glue the ends into the clasp. Leave to dry before you close the clasp (this is so it does not glue together)