Pearl Waterfall Necklace

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Difficulty: Expert


This design is now in our inspirations archive. As this design was created some time ago we sadly no longer stock all the products to create our design, but can still be useful for inspiration.

Make this stunning Pearl Waterfall Necklace featured in the SS 12 catalogue.

Step 1

Cut a piece of Beadalon jewellery stringing wire approx. 45cm in length. Cut a piece of nylon thread around the same length and tie on in the centre of the wire.

Step 2

Thread on a pearl bead. Knot the thread, and put a dab of superglue on to the knot. Now position the bead so the knot is in the centre. Take a clear varnish and varnish either side of the bead. Leave to dry.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 for each bead, adding pearls and gem chips in a random order. After adding a few strands of beads in this way, thread a small pearl on to the wire to separate the strands then continue adding strands of beads.

Step 4

 Make your bead strands shorter towards the edges of the necklace. Thread pearls and gem chips on to the wire to complete the necklace, and add a clasp using crimps to finish.