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Pearl Flower Earrings

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Pearl Flower Earrings

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Pearl Flower Earrings

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Create your own elegant pair of flower earrings with Swarovski pearls inspired by the earrings worn by Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton for Prince Louis Arthur Charles' christening.

Step 1

Cut approx. 50cm of thread and thread a needle onto each end.

Pick up an 8mm pearl with one of the needles and position it in the middle of your thread.

Step 2

On one strand pick up x4 4mm pearls, then pass the thread through the other side of the pearl.

Repeat with the other strand so you have added x8 4mm pearls in total.

Step 3

Take one of the strands and pass through x4 of the already added pearls on side of the bigger 8mm pearl.

When you reach the gap pick up x1 4mm pearl and then continue through the other 4mm pearls.

When you reach the second gap, don’t add another pearl, this time pas through the next 4mm pearl on the other side, pulling tight to close the gap.

Step 4

There will now be 9x 4mm pearls surrounding the 8mm.

Reinforce by passing around again and the passing through all 9mm again with the other strand.

Knot off both threads, hiding the ends by passing through the next bead.

Step 5

Glue on your cup setting, adding it to one side of the 8mm pearl.

Repeat all the steps to make the other earring.