Pearl Cluster Necklace using Beadsmith 1 Step Looper Tool |

Pearl Cluster Necklace

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Pearl Cluster Necklace

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Plooper 1 Step Looper 1.5mm 24-18gauge Cuts and Loops Wire Pk1
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X- Gunmetal Plated Iron Headpins 50mm (2 inch) Pk100
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Pearl Cluster Necklace

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Intermediate


This project has been archived as some items used are no longer stocked. You may find alternatives to use or use it as inspiration.

Pearl Cluster Necklace using Beadsmith 1 Step Looper Tool

Step 1

Cut your chain to your desired length (I used approx. 46cm

Step 2

Thread 1 pearl on to a headpin and use the 1 Step Looper to create a loop. Repeat with all the pearls, leaving 20 pearls aside.

Step 3

Place the 20 pearls you set aside into groups of 2 and thread each pair on to a headpin with a bead cap in between. Use the looper to create a loop.

Step 4

Start attaching the pearls to your chain and work from the centre outwards to make a cluster of pearls 20cm long. Spread the pairs with bead caps amongst the cluster.

Step 5

Once you have finished attaching your pearls, attach one jumpring to either end of the chain and attach your toggle clasp.