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Pearl Bloom Necklace

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Pearl Bloom Necklace

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Pearl Bloom Necklace

Difficulty: Intermediate


Bridal Necklace

This choker length necklace made using genuine freshwater pearls and Swarovski Elements is the perfect creation to sit beautifully around the neck with a strapless dress and can be made in a variety of different colours to suit different outfits. The gorgeous spring blossom represents renewal and the start of a new beginning.

Make your pearl bloom necklace for a wedding or special occasion. You're sure to feel feminine and glittering when you wear this stunning design.

Step 1

Glue the crystal into the centre of the flower and leave to dry. Please note: glue is not included in the materials list. If you don't have any we would recommend Gem Tac glue, please see link below.

Step 2

Cut 3 pieces of wire approx. 30cm long and attach to 3 of the flower petals using crimp beads.

Step 3

You need the necklace to curve to sit nicely on the neck, so thread 5 pearls spaced with seed beads in between on one of the outer strands. This will be the bottom row from now on. In the middle row thread on 3 pearls spaced with seed beads and on the top row 4 pearls spaced with seed beads. Now thread each strand of wire through the Swarovski spacer.

Step 4

Continue threading, adding 5 pearls on the top row and the middle row and 6 pearls on the bottom row. Space between each pearl with seed beads as before. Thread on another Swarovski spacer.

Step 5

Now we come to a part of the necklace where all strands can be even. Thread 7 pearls spaced with seed beads on each strand, then add the spacer.

Step 6

To finish this side (the shorter side of the necklace) thread 9 pearl beads spaced with seed beads to each strand.

Step 7

Attach all ends to the clasp using crimp beads and cut off any excess wire. 

Step 8

Cut 3 more wires and attach to the other side of the flower as in step 2. Spacing between each pearl with a seed bead as in the rest of the necklace, add 8 pearls to the top row, 9 pearls to the middle row and 11 pearls to the bottom row. This should drape and sit in the centre when the necklace is worn.

Step 9

Continue adding pearls to match the other side (the same as steps 4, 5 and 6) and then attach the other side of the clasp as described in step 7.