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Pearl and Crystal Tiara

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Pearl and Crystal Tiara

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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion 4mm Crystal Clear AB Pk24
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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.5mm 24gauge 25metres
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Silver Colour Headband/Tiara Base 0.5x15cm Pk1
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Pearl and Crystal Tiara

Difficulty: Intermediate


This is the perfect project for your special day. Making your own tiara is the best way to ensure it is unique and special, so follow this technique and choose the beads of your dreams!

Step 1

Open your reel of wire and leaving the wire on the reel, wrap the end 3 or 4 times around the end of the tiara base. Lay your cupchain over the tiara base at one end and wrap around it with the wire. Wrap 5 times between each crystal in the cupchain until you have covered the whole tiara base. Cut off the excess wire and cupchain.

Step 2

Thread 2 packs of 4mm crystals on to the reel of wire. Start winding the wire around your tiara base again adding a few crystal beads as you go. When you get towards the top start twisting the wire into small ‘stalks’ with a bead at the top of each stalk. To make a stalk, create a loop in the wire with the bead at the top. Twist the loop, keeping the bead at the top. Come back down the other side and when you have added enough crystals wind the wire around the base and cut off.


Step 3

Thread 1 pack of 6mm crystals on to the reel of wire and wrap on to the base around the point where you began the beaded stalks. Create slightly taller stalks with the bigger crystals. Wind the wire around the base and cut off.

Step 4

Thread around 21 pearls on to the reel of wire. Repeat step 3 using the pearls this time. Before cutting off the wire, check for any gaps in the beads. If you find any, create another beaded stalk to fill the gap.

Step 5

Position the last 3 pearls so they sit on the tallest stalks in the centre of your tiara. Bend and move any other beaded stalks until you are happy with their position. Finally, wind the wire around the base and cut off.