Peacock Print Loom Pendant |

Peacock Print Loom Pendant

Step 1

To begin your pendant on the little ricky loom, place your bridge in the 4th hole from the end. Your loom piece will be approx. 3.3cm long. Set up your loom as directed in your loom instructions and make your loom section according to your pattern. The full pattern on your sheet is for a bracelet, so you will need to adapt it to only include 20 of these rows, to focus on the peacock eye shape of the pattern.

Step 2

Once you’ve finished your loom piece, follow the instructions to remove it from the loom and sew in the excess threads.

Step 3

Next, take a new length of thread and sew through one row of seed beads on one end of your loom piece. Exit through the 4th bead from one end. Pick up 3 seed beads, one side of your 3 loop cord end and 3 seed beads. Thread through the next 6 seed beads on the loom piece (or to the exact centre of the row) and repeat for the middle loop on your metal cord end. 

Step 4

Thread through 6 more seed beads to exit through the 4th seed bead from the other end of your loom piece and attach the last loop on your metal cord in the same way. Weave this thread into your work, knot and secure the working thread and the tail thread. Repeat these steps on the other end of your peacock loom piece to attach the other 3 loop cord end.

Step 5

To finish, cut a short length of chain and attach your feather charms and leaves along it using jumprings. Attach this to one side of your loom piece, onto the loop on the cord end with a jumpring

Finally attach a chain to the top of the piece with a jumpring.