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Peach Stack Bracelets

Step 1

To make your leather bracelet

  • Cut approx 6" of leather (or your desired length).
  • Link two 7mm rose gold jumprings and thread one onto your leather.
  • Create your two dangles: 
  • Glue your Swarovski crystal rivoli into your light peach acrylic rondelle bead. 
  • Thread a 4mm rose gold ball bead onto a headpin followed by your rondelle bead (with rivoli glued in) and another 4mm rose gold ball bead. 
  • Trim and loop your headpin and thread onto the jumpring attached to the jumpring on the leather. 

  • Thread a bicone and butterfly onto a headpin, trim and loop, use this extra trimmed bit of the headpin to create an eyepin (loop one end). 
  • Thread on a bicone and loop the other end close to the bicone. 
  • Attach a smaller 5mm jumpring and attach this to the free 7mm jumpring.
  • Glue on one end of your hook clasp to your leather (make sure you check that the bracelet will be snug to your wrist and fits well). 
  • Finally glue on the other half of the hook clasp and leave to dry.

Step 2

To make your Pearl and Bicone Bracelet

  • Cut approx. 7" of wire or your desired length.
  • Secure a lobster clasp onto one end of the wire using a crimpbead.
  • Thread on a 4mm rose gold ball bead.
  • Thread on approx. 25 bicones and 6mm pearl beads alternating between the two (or your desired pattern).
  • End your bracelet with a rose gold 4mm ball bead and secure a jumpring to the end with a crimp bead. 

Step 3

To make your butterfly pearl bracelet

  • Cut approx. 7" of wire or your desired length.
  • Secure a lobster clasp to one end with a crimp bead.
  • Thread on 3x 8mm pearl beads, 1x butterfly bead, 4x pearl beads, 1x buttefly, 4x pearl beads, 1x butterfly, 4x pearl beads, 1x butterfly and a final 3x pearl beads.  
  • Finish the bracelet by securing a jumpring on with a crimpbead.