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Peach Perfect Necklace

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Peach Perfect Necklace

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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 2g Tube
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Shiny Coated Braiding Cord 1mm Peach 10m
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Information about project:

Peach Perfect Necklace

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make the Peach Perfect Necklace using peach braiding cord, apricot KO thread and pretty peach enamelled chain links!

Step 1

You will need a beading needle for this project.

Clip together 8 of the chain links. 

Step 2

Cut 10 lengths of cord each measuring approx. 70cm.

Step 3

Take 5 of the cords and thread through one of the end links. Knot to the link creating 10 equal strands.
Repeat this with the other 5 cords on the other side of your chain. 

Step 4

Cut a 55cm length of KO thread. Leave a 5cm tail. Tie a knot and thread on your seed beads until approx 5cm of thread remains. Knot the thread to the last bead to secure.
Repeat this to make another length of seed beads. 

Step 5

Take the 10 loose ends on one side of your necklace and knot these together so that the lengths of peach cord are approx. 18cm including the knots. 
Repeat this on the other side of the necklace. 

Step 6

Wrap the seed bead strand around the cord and secure by knotting to the big knots. You may wish to loosen the larger knots and pass your KO thread into the knot to secure. You may also secure the KO thread into the large knot by adding a drop of glue and pulling the knot closed around it. 

Step 7

Cut the ends of the braiding cords to approx. 2cm, fold in half and glue into the end caps. Check the end will fit into the cap before gluing. Trim to alter the size.