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Patchwork Stamped Ring

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Patchwork Stamped Ring

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ImpressArt Ring Bending Pliers Tool Pk1
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ImpressArt Assorted Embossing Texture Stamp Pack Large 65mm 6mm Pk4
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Aluminium Ring Blank 3.6x50mm 18gauge UK I-L 1/2 USA 4-6 Pk1
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Information about project:

Patchwork Stamped Ring

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


Make yourself a hand-stamped ring with the NEW texture stamps and ring blanks from ImpressArt! 

Step 1

Lay your stamp on the metal block. Starting from one end, carefully align your stamp into position and give it one hard,  precise strike with the hammer.

Step 2

Move the stamp along and continue to stamp until you reach the end of the ring blank.

Step 3

Take your ImpresssArt marker pen and apply the pen across the whole of the blank to fill in the stamp indents. Leave for a minute and then wipe away the excess on areas of the blank that aren't stamped.

Step 4

Use the ring bending tool to create the shape of your ring. Starting from one end, squeeze the pliers together to bend the blank into a curve. Move the tool along the blank until you have created your ring!