Pastel Purple Ceramic Bracelets

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Designed by: Laura Bajor

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make these Pastel Purple Ceramic Bracelets using our new range of shining ceramic beads and connectors.

Step 1

Pink Star (pink connector, pink beads, cream cord)

Cut two pieces of cord 20cm lengths.

Tie to either side of the connector.

Thread on 6 beads on each side of the connector and knot.

Create a macramé sliding knot to finish.


Step 2

Pink Beaded Macrame Bracelet (pink beads, grey cord)

Cut a piece of cord for the centre of the macrame bracelet.

Cut another length of cord twice as long. 

Create macramé knots and thread on the beads.

Finish with a macramé sliding knot.


Step 3

If your thread frays, you may want to add a little clear nailvarnish, a drop of glue or use a thread zapper to prevent it.