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Pastel Frost Bracelet

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Pastel Frost Bracelet

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77508 Swarovski Silver Plated Rondelle 8mm Crystal Clear Pk6
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Silver Metallic Rayon Soutache Cord Beadsmith 3yds
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Pastel Frost Bracelet

Designed by: Vicki

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Pastel Frost Bracelet using pastel blue Swarovski pearls, Swarovski spacer bars and rondelles.

Tip: You may wish to lay your design out first before you start making your bracelet.

Step 1

Cut 4x 40cm of elastic and thread four pearls of your colour choice onto each strand. Then thread two spacer bars onto all four strands of elastic.

Continue adding pearls, spacer bars and rondelles to your elastic until you have reached your desired length. To finish tie a knot on all four strands and place a small drop of glue on the knot to secure it.

Cut 30cm of Soutache cord, tie onto your bracelet and create a bow.