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Parisian Night Bracelet

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Parisian Night Bracelet

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Beadsmith Black Sturdy Soutache Beading Foundation 8.5"x11" Pk4
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Antique Silver SS39(8mm) Round Toggle Clasp 23mm Pk1
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CzechMates QuadraTile 4 Hole 6mm Hematite 10g
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Black Felt Square Beading Foundation 9"x9" For Soutache Pk1
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Parisian Night Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make the Parisian Night Bracelet using tiny Miyuki Delica and Toho seed beads to embellish your unique design. Add extra sparkle with plenty of Swarovski flat back crystals and a Swarovski crystal set into your toggle clasp!

Step 1

Cut a rectangle of felt approx 12cms x 5cms. Take your crescent beads and QuadraTiles and begin to stitch them in a random pattern across the centre of the felt. Using GemTac glue, fix on some Swarovski crystal flatbacks onto the felt, also scattered randomly.

Step 2

To create the ‘brush strokes’ effect’ you will want to sew seed beads into the felt in small strips around the existing beads and crystals (ie/ 6 beads per strip). Sew these at random points across the felt. From here, you can continue sewing on lines of seed beads to build the pattern up. This doesn’t have to be in a neat pattern at the edges.

Step 3

Continue adding seed strips in different directions and in varying section to build up the design. When you are happy you have sewn as many strips on as possible, go in and sew odd seed beads into any gaps where you can see felt. 

Step 4

Stitch a line of black seed beads around the edge of the beaded design, to create the outline. Cut carefully around the felt design, leaving approx 0.5cms clear of the edge of the design. Place your felt onto sturdy beading foundation. Cut around the felt so you have backing in the same shape.

Step 5

Stitch around the edge of your piece of felt and into the backing to connect the two pieces. You may need to double stitch to ensure there are no spaces. Stitch a jumpring (facing upwards when the design is layed flat) onto either end of your design. 

Step 6

Connect 2 links of curb chain to one end, and 3 links to the other. Using jumprings attach the ends of your toggles to both ends. Glue in your crystal to complete!