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Paradise Chain Bracelet

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Paradise Chain Bracelet

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Antique Silver Lobster Clasp 10x18mm Pk2
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Paradise Chain Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Paradise Chain Bracelet using silver plated chain maille rings and shimmering Swarovski heart charms in Paradise Shine. Each bumper chain maille bundle will make plenty of bracelets, perfect for anyone making jewellery to gift or sell.

Step 1

Take a 6mm ring and open it. Thread on 3x6mm rings and close it again. 
To these 3xnew rings, attach 2x10mm rings in the same way. 
Continue adding 3x6mm rings and 2 10mm rings, alternating between the 2 sizes. 

Step 2

Once your bracelet is long enough to fit snuggly to your wrist, finish with a single ring and attach your lobster clasp to this.

Step 3

To each pair of 10mm rings attached on your bracelet, attach 3x6mm rings, so they hang downwards. 
To each of these 3 sets of rings, attach a pair of 6mm rings. 
Take one of your Swarovski crystal hearts and attach a single ring to this. 
Attach this heart charm to the 2x6mm rings you added before. 
Repeat this process across your bracelet.