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Orbiting Stones Bangles

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Orbiting Stones Bangles

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Green Opal Semi Precious Round Beads 10mm Pk10
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Gold Plated Brass Jumprings 5mm Pk20
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Gold Plated Spiral Coil Bead Cage 5x16mm Pk10
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Gold Plated Zamak Small Round Star Coin Charm 6mm Pk10
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Information about project:

Orbiting Stones Bangles

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Create these classic, easy to make bangles with charms that bring out your inner spiritual side and aid with healing and emotions. Created as part of our 'Orbiting Stones' theme. Makes three bangles. 

Step 1

Take your spiral charm and place one of your semi-precious stones inside and crimp the spiral back together again. We have a large range of semi-precious stones to choose from, you don't necessarily have to pick the stone we used. Each once has different healing properties which you can see from one of our blog posts.  

Step 2

Now attach a jumpring to the charm and fasten it to one of your bangles - thats the first bangle done.

Step 3

Now take your large moon and star charm and again attach a jumpring and fasten that to one of your other bangles - second bangle finished. 

Step 4

Take your last two charms which are the smallest of the charms, one is the small star coin and the second is the tiny moon and star charm. Attach a jumpring to both and fasten to your last bangle - third bangle complete. You can wear these separately or together for statement looks and create as many as you like with all different charms