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Ocean Treasure Necklace

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Ocean Treasure Necklace

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"X" Blue Hematite Matt/Shiny Ring Beads 8mm 40cm Strand
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X-Silver Plated Round Disk Use with Swarovski Fine Rocks 32mm Pk1
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Gold Plated Zamak 3 Strand Fancy Clasp 26mm 1xPair
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X-Gold Plated Interchangeable Coin Locket with Crystals 35mm Pk1
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Gold Plated Filigree Design Bead Caps 8mm Pk100
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Information about project:

Ocean Treasure Necklace

Designed by: Vicki

Difficulty: Beginner


Make an interchangeable locket necklace with kyanite and hematite gemstone beads and Swarovski fine rocks! 

Step 1

Cut 2x 4inch pieces of chain. Attach a jumpring to both ends of each piece. On one of the jumprings connect it to a lobster clasp and open the lobster and connect it to the jumpring on the other piece of chain. At each end of the chain, use the jumpring to connect to the fancy 2 hole bars.

Step 2

On the inner-most hole, connect a 17inch piece of chain to the bar with a pair of jumprings. Next, take a 1m length of wire, pass the end through a calotte and crimp bead and back through the calotte (missing the crimp bead). Squash your crimp bead flat and close the calotte around it. String on your beads. First a spacer bead, then hematite ring, then string a spacer bead so that it sits inside the ring. Continue this pattern until you have 17 inch of beaded wire. finish the end as you started and connect it to the middle hole of the connector bar,

Step 3

Take a new length of wire and use the same method as before to finish the end with a calotte and crimp bead. String on 7 inches of gemstone beads before adding a bead cap, bead, beadcap, followed by a gemstone bead, then bead cap, bead, bead cap until you have four capped beads in the centre of your design with 3 beads in between them. Finish the strand with 7 more inches of strung beads, complete the end and connect it to the bar with a jumpring.

Step 4

Open the locket and fit the Swarovski fine rocks disk inside. Open the ball chain and string on your locket.