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Ocean Goddess Necklace

Step 1

Take your length of chain and cut off a piece measuring approx. 20cm long. The longer section of chain will be used to make the main length of your necklace. You can shorten this more if you want to, when you come to finish your necklace. 

Step 2

Attach each end of this 80cm long piece of chain to a single jumpring and link this to the Nunn Design gold hoop charm. 

Take a gold jumpring and link this to the Nunn Design hoop. This is what you'll attach your pendant sections to. 

Step 3

Trim down one of your cream/gold feather charms so it has a very short stalk at the top. Glue your bullet end cap onto this.

Step 4

Cut a 3cm length of chain off of the 20cm length you kept to one side. Attach this to your cream/gold feather with a jumpring and attach the chain to the single jumpring on your hoop charm.  

Step 5

Take your charm setting and glue in your swarovski crystal. Take your spare chain and fold it so you have two sides, one longer than the other. Attach this, your crystal charm and your teal feather charm together with a jumpring. Attach this ring to the single ring on your hoop charm. 

See the image for how to attach all your charms. 

Step 1

Step 6

Finally, take your fluorite beads and make individual bead charms. To do this, thread a bead onto a headpin and trim the pin above it down to 1cm long. Bend the pin above the bead to a 90 degree angle using flat nose pliers. Turn a loop with your round nose pliers. If you've never turned a loop above a bead before, you can find a simple tutorial here.

Attach these bead charms along your design, wherever you want to fill a gap.