Novelty Christmas Tree decoration made from FIMO | Beads Direct

Novelty Christmas Tree Decoration

Step 1

Create a large cone shape from the Tropical green FIMO, once you have the desired shape cut into the FIMO with scissors creating the small peaks in the clay.

Step 2

To make the stump roll out some Chocolate brown FIMO and attach to the bottom of the tree, you can score into it creating a bark effect if you wish.

Step 3

Using small size 15 round seed beads in the colours you desire, we chose red, gold and green; press them into the tree at all different levels to form baubles and decoration.

Step 4

Attach an eye pin through the top of the tree and add a jump ring. You are now ready to the bake your tree decoration. Place in a pre-heated oven at 100 degrees for 30 minutes, once baked take out and cool on a cooling rack. You can then add a chain or ribbon of your choice.