Novelty Snowman Christmas tree decoration made from FIMO |

Novelty Christmas Snowman Decoration

Step 1

This handsome little fella is easy to make and a perfect novelty tree decoration for Christmas. Firstly take the white FIMO and make three balls one always smaller than the one before to build up the body and head. Then taking the white again roll out a flat rectangle to cut a thin strip from which will become his scarf, remember to cut into each end creating a tassel effect.

Step 2

Taking the scarf, make small red strips to become the stripe design; fixing each strip to the front of the scarf shape. Then place this to one side, we will come back to it later.

Step 3

Using the black FIMO make five tiny ball shapes for your snowman's coal buttons and eyes; place them on his body and head. Then using the black again roll out a small flat circle shape for the base of his hat, and place on top of his head. Take another piece of black and roll out into a ball flattening the top and bottom to create a cylinder shape for his top hat and place on the base of his hat.

Step 4

Taking the Tropical green FIMO and the Christmas red, create three small balls to become berries and out of the green create two holly leaf shapes and score into them creating the veins of each leaf. Attach this holly leaf and berry motif to the side of the snowman's hat.

Step 5

Now to make his little carrot nose, roll out a cone shape from the Tangerine orange FIMO and score into the cone making a carrot look alike and fix to the middle of his face below his eyes.

Step 6

Taking the scarf from earlier, wrap this around his neck and overlap at the front.

Step 7

Attach an eye pin through the top of the snowman and add a jump ring. You are now ready to the bake your tree decoration. Place in a pre-heated oven at 100 degrees for 30 minutes, once baked take out and cool on a cooling rack. You can then add a chain or ribbon of your choice.