Novelty Gingerbread Man Christmas tree decoration made from FIMO |

Novelty Christmas Gingerbread Man Decoration

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Novelty Christmas Gingerbread Man Decoration

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Staedtler Fimo Effect Polymer Clay Glitter White 56g (1.97oz)
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Staedtler Fimo Soft Polymer Clay Chocolate 56g (1.97oz)
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Gold Plated Iron Eyepins 26mm (1 inch) Pk100
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Staedtler Fimo Soft Polymer Clay Christmas Red 57g (2oz)
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Gold Plated Jump Rings 5mm 0.7mm Thick Pk50
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Information about project:

Novelty Christmas Gingerbread Man Decoration

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Create this cute novelty 'Gingerbread Man' Christmas decoration in time for decorating your tree, this is something you can do for yourself or maybe it's an activity you want to do with your child or grandchild.

Step 1

To create this cute, good enough to eat 'Gingerbread Man' Christmas tree decoration (not edible), you will need the chocolate brown, white and Christmas red FIMO as well as two black seed beads for the eyes, an eye pin in your choice of colour as well as a jump ring and either a piece of ribbon or chain.

Step 2

Roll the chocolate brown FIMO into a ball to form the head, and then roll another piece into a fat sausage, moulding the top slightly narrower to create the neck and body of the gingerbread man. Then using two smaller pieces of the chocolate FIMO make two smaller sausages and create the arms. Fix the four pieces together like the picture.

Step 3

Make sure you wash your hands between each colour to prevent the colours mixing. Now using the white FIMO create the icing on the gingerbread man by rolling out five thin sausages, one longer than the other four to fit to the head, the other four pieces will fit on the hands and feet. Wind the white FIMO in a zig-zag swirl pattern across the gingerbread man's features.

Step 4

Using the Christmas red FIMO, take two small pieces and a slightly larger piece keeping the quantity fairly tiny. These pieces will become the buttons and nose, roll each of the three pieces into small balls and flatten slightly with your finger, the larger ball needs to be more of a oval shape. Attached each of the two smaller balls to the body and the oval shape to the face as the nose.

Step 5

Using a thin tool or knife score into the face creating a smile shape for your gingerbread man below the nose.

Step 6

For the eyes simply use two small seed beads or anything tiny and black and push them into the FIMO either side of the nose.

Step 7

Attach an eye pin through the top of the gingerbread man and add a jump ring. You are now ready to the bake your tree decoration. Place in a pre-heated oven at 100 degrees for 30 minutes, once baked take out and cool on a cooling rack. You can then add a chain or ribbon of your choice.