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Nightshade Earrings

Information about project:

Nightshade Earrings

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Intermediate


Using the step by step instructions complete with images make yourself these stunning 'Nightshade' earrings, which mixes charms, Tourmaline semi-precious beads, Swarovski pearls and bicones.

Step 1

Begin by adding a Tourmaline drop to an eye pin, followed by a bicone and a pearl.

Step 2

Cut the eyepin, leaving an approximate 1cm for turning.

Step 3

Using round nose pliers, bend the eyepin to 90 degrees, as close to the pearl as possible.

Step 4

Gripping the very end of the pin with the pliers, turn the pin gently to form a second eye.

Step 5

Using flat nose pliers, open a jump ring and attach the earwire to the eye just made.

Step 6

Using flat nose pliers, open the ring which attaches the drop to the end of the extension chain. Replace the drop with a leaf charm. Repeat twice more.

Step 7

Cut 3 links off the end of one chain and 6 off another, giving you 3 different lengths of chain.

Step 8

Open the eye of the eyepin at the base of the tourmaline drop. Add all 3 extension chains and close the eye. Repeat from the beginning to make a second earring.