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Nestling Pearls Necklace Black

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Nestling Pearls Necklace Black

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Information about project:

Nestling Pearls Necklace Black

Difficulty: Intermediate


The Nestling Pearl Black Necklace design is easy to make with some simple stitching.

Step 1

Measure approx 3m of ribbon and cut the end diagonally to avoid fraying. Thread a needle with around 3 arms length of nymo thread, and knot the end.

Step 2

Stick the needle through the ribbon approx. 30cm from one end, and pull through until the knot reaches the ribbon.  

Step 3

 Create a stitch in a diagonal fashion from where your thread starts to approx. 1mm from one edge of the ribbon. Take your thread through the ribbon.

Step 4

Now on the back of the ribbon, diagonally bring your thread to the other side of the ribbon and thread through around 1mm from the edge.

Step 5

Take your thread from the edge of the ribbon to the centre, and thread through. Turn the ribbon over and add a large pearl bead. Stitch back through the ribbon directly after the bead.

Step 6

Pull the thread tight, so the ribbon starts to gather into loose folds. You’ll need to keep it pulled tight as you go so you can see how you’re getting on, but don’t worry, you can adjust the pleats at the end.

Step 7

 Repeat steps 3-6, creating 2-4 diagonal stitches. I like to vary the number and size of the stitches to make the overall effect more haphazard. Continue stitching and adding beads until you have the length of necklace you require.

Step 8

Hold the end and check you are happy with the way the ribbon gathers, if not you can adjust it slightly. Secure your thread with a few small stitches, then snip off any excess thread. Tie the ends of ribbon into a bow to finish.