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'Nest Egg' Rings

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'Nest Egg' Rings

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X Silver Plated Copper Craft Wire 0.9mm 8metre Reel
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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.315mm 28gauge 50g/70metre Reel
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'Nest Egg' Rings

Difficulty: Expert


Create these enchanting 'Nest Egg' Rings using Aquamarine Beads and Silver-Plated Wire.

Step 1

Cut approximately 3ms of 0.9mm wire. Start by finding the middle of the 0.9mm wire and wrap around the ring mandrel 3x at the size of ring desired. Cross the wires over in the middle where they meet.

Step 2

Add 2 rounds or roundelles to the top wire and 1 to the bottom wire. Take the top wire and pull the wire down to the left gently holding the beads roughly in place. (The stones will curl downwards). Take the left wire and pull it round to the right. Repeat the curling round the beads 3 times until they both meet at the top right.

Step 3

Attach 1.5 meters of 0.3mm wire by wrapping it 5 times round the top wire only. Next take the 0.3mm wire and wrap it tightly round both wires 3 times. Repeat the 5 time and 3 time wrap pattern 22 times or until you have 6.5cm of wrapped wire.

Step 4

Take this wrapped wire all the way round the top gemstone.

Step 5

Take the wire down and round between the 2nd and the 3rd gemstone , back up to the top left and behind the 1st gemstone so the wires are pointing to the right

Step 6

The 0.3 wire which is still attatached now is wrapped round the top wire only for a length of 5cm. Trim any remaining 0.3 wire.

Step 7

Next pull both the coiled wire and the plain wire together round the bottom gemstone and the top of the 3rd gemstone.

Step 8

Continue holing both wires and take them behind the top of the gemstones as shown in the photo so they end up at the top left had side of the design.

Step 9

Next you need to cut the top wire so you have 1cm remaining,  taking your round nose pliers make a small curl and pull it tward and slightly under the first gemstone.

Step 10

Take the remaining wire and wrap round the left hand side of the ring shank 3 times pulling tightly. Then take the same wire round the front of the design between the 2nd gemstone and the other wires untill you reach the ring shank on the right hand side. This wire is then wrapped 2 or 3 times round the ring shank and finished by trimming the wire so there is anough wire to end in a tiny curl.