Instructions on how to make this Neon Rubber Band Bracelet. |

Neon Rubber Band Bracelet

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Neon Rubber Band Bracelet

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Neon Rubber Band Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Instructions on how to make this 'Neon Rubber Band' bracelet using acrylic beads and rubber bands.

Step 1

Pick up two of your rubber bands, fold one band in half and pass it through the centre of the other band.

Step 2

Place the open band over a finger on your left hand to assist in holding the work, and then pick up another band, fold it in half and pass it through both loops of the second band (not the one on your finger).

Step 3

Continue this way until you have a strip of looped bands in a length that snugly slides over your hand.  Your bracelet will not stretch much once you add the 8mm beads, so the stretch will come from the loops at the ends.

Step 4

To create your second end loop pick up a band and fold in half and pass through the end loop as before, then create a slipknot with the band.  Now using two arms spans of thread, thread your needle and at the other end tie a loose knot, leaving an open loop.  Pass that loop over the rubber band loop and down to the braided bands.

Step 5

Tighten the knot and repeat the knot 3-4 times to ensure it is secure.  Cut your tail thread.  You can add a dab of glue or nail polish to the knot if you wish.

Step 6

Pass your needle under the loop of the slip knot band and then between the centre of the folded band – keep it centred – and then through the two folded bands of the next loop (Photo 6).

Step 7

Pick up an 8mm bead on your needle, drop it down to the rubber bands and pass your needle through the centre bands of the next loops.  Ensure you are passing between the two bands, do not pass your needle through the rubber directly.

Step 8

Pull your thread thru the bead and as you do that you will need to position the bead so that it sits in the centre of the bands, you can move the bands around the bead to the right position.

Step 9

Pick up another 8mm bead and repeat steps 7 and 8 until you reach the last rubber loop.  As you add your 8mm beads, make sure you tighten your thread after each one to make sure thread is tight and tensioned, if you don’t do that then the beads can fall out of the rubber loops.

Step 10

When you reach the end you need to pass your thread up one side of the band and then turn to go back down your 8mm bead (Photo 10).  Reinforce your beads added by following your thread path all the way down the beads, around the end knotted section and back up again.

Step 11

When you are back up to the unfinished end you need to knot and tie off your thread around the open part of the band near the base of the beads, repeat a couple of times the knots and then weave your thread down a couple of beads before cutting your thread close to the beads.

Step 12

Add your s-clasp to the open ends of your rubber bands to finish your bracelet.  You should be able to slide the bracelet over your wrist as the two end bands give some stretch to the finished piece.