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Neon Brick Stitch Earrings

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Neon Brick Stitch Earrings

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Neon Brick Stitch Earrings

Difficulty: Expert


Learn how to make these Neon Brick Stitch Earrings using acrylic beads.

Step 1

Choose your three 8mm neon beads and using 1 wingspan of nymo to match the size 11 seed beads, thread your needle and pass it through the first 8mm bead leaving a 6cm tail.

Step 2

Pass back through the bead again in the same direction and position the thread on the outside of the bead.

Step 3

Use tension on your tail thread to ensure the outer threads stay secure.  Repeat so that you have two threads on the outer side of the bead on opposite sides.

Step 4

To start your brick stitch around the 8mm bead pick up two size 11 seed beads (seed bead) and pass your needle under the thread on the outer of the 8mm bead.

Step 5

Pull your thread through and position the beads on the top of the thread.  Pick up one seed bead and pass the needle under the thread.

Step 6

Then up through the seed bead.  Repeat around the 8mm bead.

Step 7

Ensure you keep tension on your tail thread whilst beading this base row of brick stitch.

Step 8

When you get to the end/start of the bead row, pick up a seed bead and pass the needle under the thread and up through the bead, then weave down the bead next to it to join the last sb to the first seed bead, then weave up your last seed bead to secure the base row tightly.

Step 9

As per Steps 4-6, you start your second row with 2 seed beads and this time you pass your needle under the thread you can see between the seed beads on the base row.  Then continue to add seed beads one at a time, if you find yourself with a large gap, then you can add a second seed bead using the same thread gap and then continue on a normal.

Step 10

Finish your second round as per Step 7.  Move your needle to the tail thread and weave through the beads a few times, knotting if you feel the need, and then trim close to the beads.  Leave this first bead for now.  Repeat Steps 1-8 for two more 8mm beaded beads, but also weave in your working thread on the second two 8mm beaded beads.

Step 11

Now return to your first 8mm beaded bead, re-thread your needle and if needed, weave round to locate the outer edge of seed beads that are opposite the hole of the 8mm bead.  Pick up three seed beads and weave down the seed bead to the right of where you came out.

Step 12

Weave straight up the seed beed to the left.

Step 13

Then weave through the first two seed beads in the picot you just created.

Step 14

Now pick up one seed bead and locating the same centre point opposite the hole of your second 8mm beaded bead and weave down a seed bead in the second beaded bead.

Step 15

Weave up the seed bead next to it.

Step 16

Pick up 1 seed bead and then weave through the centre bead of the picot.

Step 17

Weave down through the seed beads and the centre of the 8mm bead, through the sb’s on the opposite side.

Step 18

Repeat the joining process creating a picot and then joining to the third 8mm beaded bead.  Once this is completed, weave back up through all three beaded bead units, locate the centre 2 seed beads on the outer edge, pick up one size 8 seed bead and weave down the second centre seed bead, reinforce the thread path once more and then weave through some sb’s in your brick stitched row and knot off and trim your thread.

Step 19

Using pliers, open a jump ring and pass it through the size 8 seed bead (photo 17) and then add your earring finding and close the jump ring to complete your earring.  Repeat all the steps to make a second earring.