Navy Rola Bead Bracelets |

Navy Rola Bead Bracelets

Information about project:

Navy Rola Bead Bracelets

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Make a collection of bright memory wire bracelets using striped rola beads and shining seed beads. 

Step 1

Cut as many loops of memory wire as you like, we chose to cut a length with 3 loops on it.

Onto one end, glue your end cap and hold it while it dries in place. When you are happy this is secure, thread on your rola beads and seed beads in your chosen pattern until it covers the memory wire loops. 

Step 2

Finish the bracelet in the same way with the end cap. 

Once your bracelet is dry, simply pull one end of the memory wire and hook this over your wrist, twist the rest of the bracelet around your wrist (similar to opening and turning a split ring on a keyring).