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Multi-Wear Bolo Choker

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Multi-Wear Bolo Choker

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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 1g Tube
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"X" Sterling Silver 925 10.5mm Rivoli Charm Base Pk1
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X Sterling Silver 925 Small Tree of Life Coin Charm 12mm Pk1
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Multi-Wear Bolo Choker

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make the Multi-Wear Bolo Choker inspired by the celebrity trend and embellished with delicate sterling silver charms and a Swarovski crystal!

Step 1

Cut a length of cord measuring approximately your arms width with your arms outstretched. 

Step 2

Glue your Swarovski rivoli into your charm setting. 
When it is dry and secure, thread this to the centre of your cord. Make sure the charm loop is closed properly. 

Step 3

To either end of the cord thread on a jumpring. Thread on your silver tree and owl charm. 
Fold approx 1cm of cord and pass this through the jumpring. 
To hold this folded cord in place and secure your charm on the end of the cord, tighten your jumpring so the ring looks more like a coil. (See main image)