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Mulberry Crush Necklace

Step 1

Take 10 pearl beads and thread them each onto their own eyepin. Trim and loop the pin on the other side of the bead.
Attach these together using jumprings and create a chain of pearls. 
Between the 5th and the 6th pearl, add a jumpring to each eyepin, then add another to each of these jumprings. Do not connect these. You should have two strands of 5 pearls. 

Step 2

Take your silver chain and cut the link at the halfway point.
Connect one end of the silver chain to one of your pearl strands using the single jumpring on one end.
Repeat this on the other side of the silver chain using the other strand of pearls.

Step 3

Bring each end of the necklace together.
Connect the two extra jumprings together by threading them through the top loop of your sterling silver pendant.

Step 4

Your necklace should be a complete circle now. 
Measure approx. 1.5" of silver chain above your pearls and cut the links on either side of your necklace.
To one side, attach your silver connector charm between the two pieces of chain.
Repeat this on the other side of the necklace, connecting the chain back together using jumprings and the charm inbetween.

Step 5

Finally, add a drop of glue into your connector charms and place your patina chaton crystals into the setting to dry.
Do the same at the centre of the necklace, placing the crystal rivoli into the sterling silver droplet setting in size order and leaving to dry.