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Mother Nature Layered Necklace

Information about project:

Mother Nature Layered Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make the Mother Nature Layered Necklace using a pretty tree of life pendant and stunning Amethyst round beads. 

Step 1

To create the centre necklace charm:
Glue a flatback crystal into two connector charm settings.
Thread a jasper bead onto a headpin, trim and loop the pin above the bead.
Connect your charms together in this order.
Green crystal connector charm, jumpring, tree of life connector, jumpring, green crystal connector charm, jumpring and finally your jasper bead on a headpin. 
Connect your top jumpring onto the centre point of your 18" chain. 

Step 2

Take a 16" long length of thread/flexible wire and secure one end onto a lobster clasp using a crimp bead.
Thread on approx. 80 amethyst beads on to the thread and repeat with a crimp bead and a second lobster clasp at the other end. 
This necklace can be attached and detatched from your main chain necklace! 

Step 3

Create a feature charm at the back of the necklace by connecting your heart connector and a charm setting using a jumpring. Glue in your green flat back and attach to a jumpring at the back of your necklace.