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Morning Coffee Earrings

Morning Coffee Earrings

Morning Coffee Earrings

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Toho Size 11 Round Seed Beads Copper-Lined Cry...


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Nymo Beading Thread Size D 0.3mm White 64yards


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Copper Metallic Rayon Soutache Cord Beadsmith 3yds


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Linen Rayon Soutache Cord Beadsmith 3yds


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Beige Felt Square Beading Foundation 9"x9" For...


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Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive Glue 59.15ml (2fl.oz)


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Step 1

Glue the cabochon to a piece of felt.

Step 2

Trim the felt to the shape of your cabochon, don't cut it too close to the stone. Leave around 2-3 mm from the cabochon. Leave the glue to dry about 20 minutes. Whilst your waiting cut your soutache cords you are going to use to 20cm.

Step 3

Wrap your first soutache braid around your stone.

Step 4

Cut your stitching thread into comfortable length and tie knot at one end, sew  close to the top of the cabochon starting from the back. Fold the soutache braid in half , sew to the soutache in that half and also in the middle of the braid.

Step 5

Sew back into soutache and to the felt (Please keep in mind to sew in the middle of the braid only. This will help to hide the thread. Color of the thread should match the soutache). Sew up from the back to the front close to the stone. Again, sew to the soutache in the middle of the braid. Sew back into the soutache in the middle of the braid and to the backing.

Repeat the above all around the cabochon. Don't use high tension or else your soutache will curl.

Step 6

At the joining point, sew two soutaches together to connect them. Sew back into the soutache of the first layer and into the backing. Wrap the soutache around the first layer. and stitch as in the previous steps all the way around.

Step 7

Repeat until you use all the strings up. Sew until all cords are connected together.

Step 8

Pick up and thread on an acrylic bead and wrap five soutaches around the bead. Sew to the five soutaches making sure you got the soutaches to wrap around the bead neatly. Sew back into five soutaches, acrylic bead and into the first two layers. Pull the thread, again not too tight but quite firmly (this is the outside soutache, the stitch on the braids should be small and right in the middle of the braid. If your thread is the same color with your soutache, the thread should be almost invisible).

Step 9

Now use your finger to hold tight the rest of soutaches in place at the back. Make sure the soutaches wrap around your bead beautifully. Sew to the five soutaches around the pearl counter clockwise direction.

Please note that this is on a curve. and the outside soutache should be longer than the inside soutache.

Step 10

Sew the tail of the soutaches to the backing many times with good tension. Leave around 1/2 inch before cutting the tail. Glue at the end of the soutaches to avoid the fray braids. Do the same the other side.

Step 11

Pick up two size 11 seed beads,  the ear wire and another two size 11seed bead and sew them at the top.

Step 12

Now take a pencil and the felt and draw around the earring. Now trim the piece of soutache closest to the centre. Cut the felt just inside the line so that it is approx 1mm smaller than the rest.

Step 13

Cover the felt with fabric glue and glue onto the back of earrings and leave to dry.

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