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Monstera Huggie Style Earrings

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Monstera Huggie Style Earrings

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X Rose Gold Plated Round Earring Base with Loop 11mm 1xPair
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Monstera Huggie Style Earrings

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Create these beautiful shiny Monstera Huggie Style Earrings. The Monstera leaf is a motif found in many of the fashion and home ware trends recently. You can learn how to make these simple but effective earrings right here. 

Step 1

Firsty take the small huggie style earrings in your chosen metal and you will see a small connector loop at the bottom this can be opened which is how you thread on the charm. Using the Round Nose Pliers you will need to place the end of the pliers through the loop and pull it apart slightly leaving a gap.

Step 2

Once you have a gap on both huggie style earrings then take your Monstera Leaf charms and thread the charm onto the small hook shape you have created with the pliers.

Step 3

To keep the charm on the huggie style earring you will need to close that gap, so take your Round Nose Pliers once and again and place them on the tip of the hook you made and pull the metal back together closing that gap. Repeat this on the second pair and voilà you have yourself a pair of rose gold-plated Monstera Huggie styled earrings.