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Monochrome Magic Long Magatama Bracelet

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Everything you will need to make this bracelet is provided in one handy little kit.

Looking at this stunning, Kumihimo bracelet it’s hard to believe its origins were actually as armour bindings for Samurai warriors going into battle. Kumihimo uses interlaced cords to produce a delicate braided appearance that belies a strength and depth

This statement bracelet has a tactile and stunning design that is really easy to wear . This braided bracelet has a stunning scaled appearance. The tactile design is easy to wear and although it might look complex, it's actually much simpler to make than it might seem. This striking piece is made using deep colours that will be on trend this autumn and winter.

Find out how to make your Kumihimo Bracelet with Long Magatamas with our detailed instructions provided with the Kits