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Monochrome Daisy Fleur Bracelet

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Monochrome Daisy Fleur Bracelet

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Kumihimo Braiding Disk Round 6 Inch Pk1
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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 1g Tube
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S-Lon Bead Cord 77yrds (70m) Black
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Rattail Cool Neutrals 2mm 3 Colours 4x3yds
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Monochrome Daisy Fleur Bracelet

Difficulty: Expert



This project is suitable for those who are familiar with kumihimo techniques and have tried adding seed beads to their braids before.

kumihimo board


Step 1

Set up your kumihimo board with 4 strands of rattail (each of the strands in the cool neutrals pack) and 4 strands of black s-lon. Each individual thread should measure approx. 3 yards (the rattail in the mixed pack is already the right length). This should provide more than enough thread for the design. The picture shows where to place your threads.

Step 2

Thread seed beads on to the 4 strands of s-lon and then wind each strand into a bobbin.

Step 3

Create a few cms of braiding using the traditional 8-strand kumihimo technique and don't add any beads.

Step 4

When you have braided a few cms, start adding the seed beads every time you work with a strand of s-lon. Bring the bead as far as it can go down the thread you are working on. If you bring it as far as you can you should find it sits underneath one of the rattail threads.

Step 5

Continue adding beads until you have created around 10cm of beaded braid. Now continue braiding without adding beads.

Step 6

After a few cms of braiding without beads, you will need to attach the slider. This can be tricky so do this part carefully. Take one strand off the braiding board REMEMBERING WHERE IT WAS ON THE BOARD. Thread through one hole of the slider, then put back in place on the board.

Step 7

Repeat step 7 with each thread, making sure you go through the same slider hole in the same direction with each thread. As long as you do this with care and place your strands back in the slot they came from your braid will not be disrupted.

Step 8

Continue braiding with no beads until you have about 12cm, then you will need to take each thread through the other hole in the slider to create your loop. Do this as before, one thread at a time.

Step 9

Pull the slider down over the non-beaded section and pull it through the hole in the kumihimo board.

Step 10

Continue braiding, adding seed beads again. You may need to thread more seed beads on to the s-lon at this point. Create another 10cm of beaded braid.

Step 11

Finish with a few cm of non-beaded braid. Secure the ends of your braid and cut off. Now glue each end into the two holes on the flower button bracelet and and hook the loop you have created over the flower to complete.