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Mon Amie Black Diamond Bracelet

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Mon Amie Black Diamond Bracelet

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Mon Amie Black Diamond Bracelet


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What you will need...

1x 7 Strand Beading Wire in Black [W276]
1x Silver Plated Magnetic Clasp [F1233]
1x Pack of Snowflake Obsidian 8mm Beads [EX3366]
1x Pack of Pucalet Wood Beads in White [BO548]
1x Pack of Black Diamond Firepolish Beads [BG874]
1x Black Suede Tassel Charm [CR248]
1x Pack of Beading Crimps [FCR1]
1x Swarovski Jet Drop Charm [SW6]
1x Pack of Silver Plated Jumprings 5mm [F1086]
STEP 1: Cut a piece of wire approx. 70cm long. Use a crimp bead to attach one end of the wire to the clasp. 
STEP 2: Thread on 35 Firepolish Beads, followed by a tassel charm and 25 Snowflake Obsidian Beads. Add the Swarovski charm and 25 Pucalet Wood Beads. You might wish to adjust the count of beads based on the size of your wrist or the number of times you'd like your bracelet to wrap around.
Step 3: Leaving a little room for movement, attach the other end to the clasp using a crimp bead.