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Mixed Metals Charm Bracelet

Step 1

Cut 4 lengths of chain measuring approx. 2" long. Take 2 of these chains and link one end of them both together with a gunmetal jumpring. Repeat this on the other end of the 2 chains, linking them with a large gunmetal jumpring. 

Repeat this step to link together your other pair of 2" long chains. 

Step 2

Take your miyuki seed bead connector and attach a gunmetal jumpring to either side. 

Link the ring from one side of the connector to a ring on one end of a pair of chains. To link them together, use 1 gold jumping, 1 silver and 1 gunmetal.

Repeat this on the other side of your connector charm.

Step 3

Finally, attach your lobster clasp to one end of your bracelet. Then attach your leaf charm to one side of your connector charm by linking together 2 smaller gunmetal jumprings.