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Mint Plait Bracelet

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Mint Plait Bracelet

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S-Lon Bead Cord 77yrds (70m) Gunmetal
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Mint Plait Bracelet

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Mint Plait Bracelet using Preciosa pressed heart beads in frosted mint and pressed oval triangle in pistachio green.

Step 1

Cut x9 pieces of S-Lon approx. 40-50cm in length.

Step 2

Take three pieces, tie them all together in an over hand knot approx. 10cm down.

Plait the strands and randomly thread a bead on and plait it into the piece.

Space the beads along your plait until your plait is the desired length.

End the plait with an overhand knot.


Step 3

Repeat this twice more so you have three plaited strands.

Thread a bead onto one strand of each plait at each end and tie all three plaits together in an overhand knot.

Cut 6 out of 9 strands on both sides close to the knot, leaving you three on each side.


Step 4

Create a macramé knot across these strands to create a closure for the bracelet.

Thread beads onto the ends of the strands to finish, knotting them in place.


Step 5

Tip - a dab of clear nail polish or glue can help to secure your knots.