Follow all the steps to create these lovely soutache earrings. |

Midnight Star Earrings

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Midnight Star Earrings

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Midnight Star Earrings

Difficulty: Expert


Follow all the steps to create these beautifully crafted soutache dangly earrings.

Step 1

Part with black bead

Cut 2 strands of soutache cord measuring 20cm each. Stack the soutache cords together, ensuring the weave of the braids are all pointing in the same direction. Sew through all 2 of the cords at the centre point.

Step 2

Pick up a black bead. Fold the cords around the bead and sew out the other side, ensuring the cords are snug against the bead. Sew through the cords and bead twice more to re-enforce. Sew 3 shaping stitches to work the cords the rest of the way around the bead.

Step 3

Create a 2 sided join (Pinch the cords together as close to the pearl as possible. Your thread should be exiting from one stack of 2 cords. Sew through the other stack of 2 cords. Sew back through all 4 cords twice more.

Step 4

Separate the cords back into 2 stacks of 2.

Step 5

Place the 4mm bead and sew it between soutache layers . Two times each direction will hold it securely.

Step 6

Add second bead and sew it the same way.

Step 7

Keep adding beads, till you use 11 beads.

Step 8

Start other side, place 6mm bead and sew it between soutache layers.

Step 9

Sew all 4 layers of braids together and sew straight to the back of soutache. Trim braids.

Step 10

Use seed beads to fringe both sides of cabochon. Then  thread 2 seeds, earwire and 2 seeds on the top.

Step 11

Using a thin layer of glue, secure your work to a piece of foundation. Allow to dry completely.

Step 12

Part with cabochon

Start by sticking cabochon on the felt . Then cut the felt around the cabochon leaving about 1 - 2mm.

Step 13

Take 2 pieces of braid measuring 25cm and fixed together by making several close points.

Step 14

Quilt edge of felt and transplanted into the braid . Always prick the center of the braid so That the points are discrete .

Step 15

Sew everything around the cabochon and secure the braid is felt.

Step 16

When around the cabochon is done, to reread and 4 pieces of braid.  Make several points together if  necessary to tighten.

Step 17

Put a 4mm round bead and begin to wrap the braid around, poking a point to keep it in place.

Step 18

Sew 2 braids together without inserting beads.

Step 19

Repeat step 17 and 18 you have it placed 11 beads on every site of cabochon.

Step 20

Braid the flaps on the back of the cabochon and fixed with some points in the braid previously set.

Step 21

Do the same for the two sides. Then trim the braids.

Step 22

Use seed beads that fringe both sides of cabochon.

Step 23

Using a thin layer of glue, secure your work is a piece of foundation. Allow to dry completely. Connect the two pieces the earring using eight beads (four on each side).