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'Midnight Shimmer' Necklace

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'Midnight Shimmer' Necklace

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Beadalon Supplemax Monofilament Illusion Cord 0.25mm Clear 50m
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'Midnight Shimmer' Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


SALE MAKE - please note that the specific items used in this project will only be avaiable for a limited time as they are in our Winter Clearance Sale. You can easily subsitute these for similar items.

Create a statement necklace easily, using only a handful of materials, including stunning Obsidian gemstones and gold Zamak accent beads.

Step 1

Cut approx. 50cms of your illusion cord from the reel. Close a crimp bead on one end of the cord, as close to the end as possible. Add a calotte over the top of this crimp bead and close it.

Step 2

Begin to thread on your beads, start with 3 obsidian beads, then alternate between a gold Zamak spacer bead and another Obsidian bead. Repeat until you are approx. 10 beads into your design.

Step 3

Take one of your hammered rings, and using your illusion cord, thread through the holes around one side, and finish at the bottom centre. Take care to show as little cord as possible on the visible side of your hammered ring, much like you would in sewing.

Step 4

Continue adding your beads in the same pattern previously used (1 Obsidian, 1 gold spacer). Continue until you've added approximately 8 more beads in total. Add another hammered ring in the same way as your last one, threading your cord from the bottom of the ring up to the top centre.

Step 5

Finish your necklace by matching the bead pattern on the top section of the opposite side of your necklace. Add a calotte onto your cord, followed by a crimp bead. Holding both of these flush to the last bead, squash your crimp bead and close your calotte into place. Trim any excess cord off using cutters.

Step 6

Add a jumpring and a lobster clasp to one calotte; and a jumpring or extension chain to the other to serve as your clasp closure.

Step 7

Finally, using two jumprings attached to a tassel charm, add to the centre middle of your beaded necklace to complete!