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Midnight Cufflinks

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Midnight Cufflinks

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Sterling Silver 925 Cuff Links Base Round Pad 16.5mm x1Pair
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Midnight Cufflinks

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create a dazzling crystal studded pair of cufflinks using Swarovski Ceralun Clay, your favourite crystal mix and sterling silver cufflink bases. 

Step 1

Mix a small part of the Ceralun according to the instructions. The amount of clay you need will depend on how raised you want the finish to be.  

Step 2

Roll the clay into a ball and gently press into the middle of the circular setting.

Step 3

Using the flat pad of your finger, gently tap and press the clay evenly until it reaches the edges of the cufflink
Continue to smoothen the piece, creating a flat & even surface.

Step 4

Decide on what design or pattern you want to achieve, choose your Swarovski crystals and begin to press them evenly into the clay. Make sure the back of the crystal is completely submerged below the clay so that the line edge fits flush to the clay. 

Step 5

Once your pattern is complete, dampen a cotton bud and gently wipe it across the surface of the clay for a soft shine.
After the clay has fully hardened (up to 72 hours) your cufflinks should be ready to wear!