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'Meteorite' Necklace

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Combine a gorgeous Opalite 'Chakra' pendant with a rosary style chain of glistening Pyrite rainbow nugget beads for a truly mysterious make.

Step 1

Attach a jumpring to yout Opalite pendant, and then attach two jumprings to the first jumpring. Add a Pyrite bead to an eyepin, then trim and loop. Keep doing this, connecting the pieces with a jumpring as you go. Occasionally add 3 Pyrite beads for a focal piece. Continue to do so until you have one side of your necklace's length made.

Step 2

Attach a lobster clasp with a jump ring to the half you've just created. Then move back down to the second jumpring added to the first jumpring. Repeat the same pattern of beads on the other side of the necklace, finishing with a jumpring to attach to your clasp. You may wish to use an extension chain.