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Metallic Spike Necklace

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Metallic Spike Necklace

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Fireline Thread 6lb Size D 0.006in Smoke Grey 50yards
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"X" Silver Plated Findings Kit 10 Styles Includes Box
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Metallic Spike Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


SALE MAKE! Use a mix of metal tones andpetrol blue, shell pearls to make a striking Spike Necklace!

Step 1

Cut a length of thread and thread on a calotte and crimp bead. Take the thread back through the calotte, leaving a short tail. Squash the crimp bead and close the calotte. Attach a jumpring to the end of the calotte.


See here how to do this -

Step 2

Thread on 14 pearls, then one silver spike. Alternate between pearls and different spikes until your have seven spikes altogether with pearls in between. Finish with 14 more pearls.

Step 3

Thread the fireline through a calotte and crimp bead and finish the strand like your did at the beginning. Attach a lobster clasp to the calotte.