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Metallic Chic Wrap Bracelet

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Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Metallic Chic Wrap Bracelet using a pretty silver acrylic button, shining metallic hematite seed beads and jet black Preciosa twin hole beads.

Step 1

Prepare about 2 meters of Nymo thread. Thread a needle on each end.

Step 2

Thread 28 x size 11 seed beads to create a loop.

Step 3

Slide one Super Duo bead onto both threads and one 11 size seed bead on each side of thread.

Step 4

Repeat this pattern until you have beaded a bracelet long enough to wrap 3 times around your wrist.

Step 5

After the last Super Duo bead thread 5 size 11 seed beads on each side of thread. Then pick up a button bead on one side of thread and thread the needle through 5 of seed beads located on the second string. Do the same with the second needle.

Step 6

Pull gently on both threads. If the threads are quite long, thread them through the rest of the previously strung beads.

Step 7

Knot and cut off remaining part of the threads.