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Mermaid's Treasures Set

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Mermaid's Treasures Set

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Mermaid's Treasures Set

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Breathe a fresh look into your jewellery making with the 'Mermaid's Treasures' jewellery set. A simple gemstone pendant necklace goes perfectly with the statement ombre bangle.

Step 1

Your spacer beads will arrive on a few seperate strands - arrange these in front of you in size order. Starting with the largest bead strands, thread them directly onto your spool of wire, in the same pattern they are already strung in. This will maintain the ombre patterns.

Continue adding the beads directly onto wire until you have added all of the strands, large to small.

Step 2

Using the free end of your wire, wrap this onto your bangle base at the top right to secure your wire in place. Also wrap adjacent to the top to ensure security. Begin wrapping your beads around the bangle base, slotting the amount of beads that fit into the base with each loop. You should have enough to cover the whole base comfortably.

Once you have covered the whole bangle, if you have any left, pull an extra few inches of wire from the spool. Unthread the beads you don't need and using the remaining tail of wire to secure and finish. (Secure in the same way we begun)

Step 3

Connect a jumpring onto each of your 6 hearts, then add another to each jumpring just added. Using the second jumpring, attach these into the beaded bangle in an even pattern.

Step 4

Thread your Chakra pendant onto a finished chain to complete your set!