Learn how to make this seed bead embroidery 'Mermaid' Brooch. | Beads Direct

Mermaid's Mirage Brooch

Step 1

Colour your Foundation a turquoise/light blue colour or leave it white, glue your cabochon oval to some foundation and cut a 3cm oval border around it.

Step 2

Start sewing on your seeds beads (medium sized light blue transparent) in concentric circles using back stitch (e.g. Knot your thread and come from underneath. Add a bead and go back through the material. Come back up through the bead and go through the bead. Add another bead and go down to secure it. Come back up behind the bead and go through it. Repeat.)

Step 3

Repeat the last step with the pearls and then the next seed bead (small dark blue transparent ones).

Step 4

Trim the backing felt as close to the beads as possible without cutting any of your stitches.

Step 5

Cut a piece of the soft felt exactly the same size and glue to the back of the design to hide the stitches.

Step 6

Attach your thread at the corner of one side. Add a bead (small light blue transpernt ones) and using blanket stitch, attach the bead to the foundation material on the front. Add a new bead each time you do a new stitch and go back through it from entrance like you did with the back stitch earlier.

Step 7

When finished, add a brooch pin to the back to make into a brooch and you're done.