Men's Bracelet Gift Set |

Men's Bracelet Gift Set

Step 1

Bracelet 1:

Using your letters spell out the name you want to put on the bracelet.

String on about 15 black wooden beads followed by the name you already layed out. Tie off your elastic and cut hide the ends inside one of the beads.

Step 1

Step 2

Bracelet 2:

String on about 25 light wooden beads followed by two black beads. Tie off your elastic and hide the ends within a bead. 

Open up a jump ring and put on your charm and close the ring around the elastic between the two black beads.

Step 1

Step 3

Bracelet 3:

String on black and white wooden beads in a repeating pattern put roughly 25 beads on your elastic and tie off, hide the ends inside one of your beads.

Cut approximetly 30cm of thread. Go though one of your light wooden beads but dont pull all the way though, leave a tail of about 10cm. thread on 8 seed beads and then go though another light wooden bead. Repeat this all the way around the bracelet till you reach your tail. Tie the tail together and cut. Hide the remaining thread inside a bead to finish.

Step 1