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Memory Wire Bracelet

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Memory Wire Bracelet

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Memory Wire Bracelet

Difficulty: Beginner


This memory wire bracelet design shows you how to use a strong, coiled wire that 'remembers' its shape. You can create a bracelet like this using any manner of beads strung in any pattern, so experiment and have fun!

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You Will Need:
A mixture of beads in a variety of sizes 
Bracelet memory wire

Tools (not included on 'Materials' tab as you may already have them)
Round Nose Pliers
memory wire bracelet

Step 1

Grip the end of your memory wire with round nose pliers. Bring it round gradually to create a loop. This can be tricky as the wire is very hard, so grip tightly and turn it gradually. 

Step 2

Keep turning until the loop closes.

Step 3

Thread your beads on to the wire in a random order.

Step 4

If necessary, cut your memory wire approx. 1cm above the last bead using hard wire cutters (you may find some of these in a man's tool kit!). If you don't have any of these cutters just keep adding beads until you have only got 1cm of wire showing. You may need more than one pack of beads to do this so you will need to alter your materials to account for this.

Step 5

Turn a loop at the other end following the instructions in step 1.