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'Medina' Necklace

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'Medina' Necklace

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'Medina' Necklace


Create this 'Medina' Necklace using Glass Bead mix selection number 2.

Please note that this necklace is for inspiration purposes only, and all glass mix contents will vary. We cannot guarantee all of the beads seen in this project will be in your mixes.

Step 1

Thread approximately 13 beads onto wire. Attach the disc to thick wire by wrapping through the center hole and back up. Attach onto the wire and loop with pliers. Attach another 2 beads using wire wrapping to create the pendant 'drops'.

Step 2

Add another 13 beads onto wire.  Trim wire leaving approximate 3 inches on each end. Crimp one end onto a jumpring and the other end to another jumpring. Attach both sections of the toggle clasp to each side.